children’s cooking workshops

Hands on small group sessions for children aged 5 – 11. Depending on the length of the session and the age of your child they can expect to prepare 2–3 simple recipes from delicious and nutritious breakfasts, easy snacks or even something to go in their lunch box, with plenty of food to take home at the end and recipe cards for all food prepared.

In these sessions children will learn about the different ingredients we’re cooking with – what they do for our body and how they grow and get to our plates. They’ll be preparing every element of the dish themselves with support and guidance from us – from peeling, grating and chopping to mixing, frying and serving. They’ll also be encouraged to wash up their equipment, lay the table, pour drinks and serve their food – giving them a huge sense of pride in what they have created.

cooking sessions for parents

come along to one of our workshops or arrange a time for a one to one session with us. we’ll explore any challenges you’re facing with feeding your children and discuss practical tips and solutions. these sessions can cover general advice for cooking and eating with children or specific topics such as lunchboxes, healthy snacks, picky eaters etc. you’ll come away with lots of helpful tips and advice, practical resources such as meal plans and recipes and renewed confidence. we’ll ask you to fill in a short questionnaire before your session so that we can tailor our workshop to your needs.

our one to one cooking sessions can also be taught with your child. come and have fun learning to cook some new recipes together.

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