little green kitchen
by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl

full of fun, modern, wholesome meal ideas that are enjoyable for children and adults to share together.

let them eat dirt
by Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta

a thought provoking and practical guide to help you nurture stronger, more resilient and healthier children

what kids around the world eat for breakfast

Here’s a look at the awesome breakfasts that are eaten by children around the world to inspire you to get a bit more creative in the mornings.

30 easy ways to join the food revolution
by ollie hunter

delicious recipes using sustainable ingredients with a focus on organic, seasonal and local produce.

by giulia enders

a fascinating, easy to read tour of the digestive system explaining why gut health has been linked with everything from obesity to allergies.

jamie oliver’s plan to tackle childhood obesity

Jamie discusses strategies that are needed to change the whole food environment for children to tackle the rising problem of unhealthy eating.

surviving the sneaky psychology of the supermarkets
national geographic

Take a look at the sneaky psychology used by supermarkets to lure us in and seduce us into spending money.

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lunch lady magazine

bursting with exciting recipes and parenting stories, lunch lady brings a fresh and balanced perspective on family life.

chefs in schools

radically transforming the quality of school lunches with a passion for food found in top restaurants.

fuel for learning

providing school lunches in east london, with an exciting focus on nutrition, sustainability and seasonality.


a free app tackling food waste by connecting neighbours with each other so surplus food can be shared, rather than thrown away.

culinary medicine

training doctors in the foundations of nutrition so they can inspire patients to lead healthier lives using food.


fighting food waste, empowering people and regenerating nature to transform the food system.