What comes in a munch bag?

munch recipe bags contain everything your children need to cook three delicious healthy recipes – a breakfast dish, a main meal and a batch of sweet snacks.

You’ll receive precise ingredients for easy prep and zero food waste in biodegradable and reusable packaging. The easy-to-follow interactive instructions are on our munch hub so you can get extra video tips and tick off each step as you do them.

What recipes will we be cooking?

each recipe is specially designed to be nutritionally balanced and to appeal to children’s taste buds. they are simple to prepare and build on cooking skills week by week. 

after lots of testing and feedback we’ve decided to keep the recipes as a surprise. we’ve found that children often surprise their parents and with the excitement of opening the munch bag and cooking their own food they’re much more open to trying things that you might not expect. by offering surprise bags your children will have the chance to cook with and try a wide variety of ingredients.

View our sample recipes.

how do i use the bag with my children?

we want munch recipe bags to be super exciting and inspiring for children – this is a delivery that’s just for them! we recommend letting them bring it in from the doorstep and unpacking everything themselves. open up the bottles and packages and take a moment to smell, taste and feel the ingredients and guess what they are. 

then head to your page on our website to find the recipe. children can use the images of the tools to get the right things out of the cupboard, and then you can get started on cooking together. we’ve broken each recipe down in to step-by-step instructions that you can tick off as you do them.

younger children will need help with things like chopping, cooking on the hob and taking things in and out of the oven but there will always be lots of steps that they can complete by themselves such as pouring and mixing. you will see their confidence and skills grow week by week. older children will still need supervision with chopping and hot pans but will be able to complete most of the steps by themselves.

are the ingredients organic?

we take a lot of pride and care in responsibly sourcing the ingredients for munch bags. This means getting to know our suppliers and using organic, seasonal and locally sourced produce as much as possible. This way we can ensure freshness while minimizing food miles and food waste.

Some of our suppliers are certified organic, but due to accessibility, reliability and cost we’re not able to source 100% of our ingredients organic. We’re continually monitoring and improving this to make sure we supply not only the best quality ingredients but also ethical and sustainable produce.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes! We will deliver to Brighton and Hove on Monday 26th October, and Lewes and Uckfield areas on Tuesday 27th October. We deliver to the following postcodes: BN1, BN2, BN3, BN7, BN8, TN22.

If you would like to order a munch recipe bag but don’t live in the postcodes listed above then please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do – [email protected]

Do I need to be in for delivery?

If you’re not going to be home, don’t worry! We’re happy to deliver to you if you’re out. Our munch recipe bags don’t contain any ingredients that need to be kept chilled so if you’re not going to be in when we deliver then please leave instructions for a shady spot to leave your bag.

How do you manage food and packaging waste?

we have carefully considered waste from food and packaging and think that our munch recipe bags are the perfect answer. the ingredients are precisely measured so there’s zero food waste, and all of our packaging is biodegradable and/or reusable. we never use plastic. this is really important to us.

We use Vegware plant-based compostable packaging for all of the bags and labels. This means that it can be added to your food waste bin, compost bin or garden compost and will break down into organic material in a matter of weeks.

Our liquids come in glass bottles which you can reuse or leave out for us to collect.

in our munch HQ we are careful to avoid any unnecessary waste and we compost as much as we can in our wormery. we carefully choose local suppliers who are able to provide our ingredients and produce with as minimal packaging and food miles as possible.

Are munch recipe bags suitable for children with allergies?

at this time we aren’t able to offer munch bags that are suitable for children with allergies as we can’t guarantee our ingredients are free of a particular allergen. we are a small business and our bags are packed in an environment where nuts, dairy, sesame and gluten are present. this is something we are working on and hope to be able to provide in the future.

head to our dietary requirements page to find recipes that will be suitable for children with allergies.

Our ingredients are labelled to indicate which of these foods are present.

our charity partner

For every meal you purchase in a munch recipe bag we donate a meal to a child who would otherwise go hungry via Magic Breakfast. A meal for a meal.

Magic Breakfast ensure that no child is too hungry to learn by providing breakfasts and support to reach those at risk of hunger.

are the recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

the recipes are all suitable for vegetarians, they don’t contain any meat or fish.

however, the recipe will sometimes include dairy and/or eggs so aren’t suitable for vegans.